New Location for Swearing-In


Dear Friends, 

Due to an incredible response from the community, we are moving the venue of the swearing-in to the Century Center in downtown South Bend.The Century Center is located at 120 S. St. Joseph St. and parking will be available in the main parking lot free of charge.  

The ceremony will still be on January 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. The program will include City Clerk John Voorde and recently elected Common Council members. 

Doors will open at 4:00 p.m. and we ask that you bring a non-perishable food item with you to the event so we can help those in need in our community. After the ceremony, light refreshments will be served. 

As always, thanks for your support of our campaign and transition into office. I'm looking forward to to New Year and a fresh start to South Bend. 

Hope to see you on New Year's Day, 


South Bend will grow from a new groundwork


By Pete Buttigieg

Published in The South Bend Tribune on December 26, 2011

As our community prepares to ring in a new year, my leadership team and I are hard at work preparing to launch a new mayoral administration for our city. 

In November, I was elected to bring a fresh start to South Bend and my opportunity to deliver begins when I am sworn in as mayor on New Year's Day.

The challenges facing our city, like any city in these times, are serious. But I believe we are in a unique window of opportunity, with new leadership, new partnerships and new prospects emerging across our community. Rising to the challenge will not be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but we are entering a season of positive change.

From the moment I take office, we will move to launch key strategic initiatives for the long term, even as we work to maintain and improve the level of city service that residents expect and deserve. While assuming responsibility for the fast-paced daily flow of city government, from snow removal to economic development, my administration must also waste no time in laying the groundwork for major strides forward in our city.

Here are a few things the new year will bring when it comes to your city government:

  • Rejuvenated economic partnerships: In the first half of the new year, my office will convene an Economic Summit to help coordinate the activities and organizations responsible for creating jobs in our area. It is time for us to pull together around a shared economic vision and agree on the right division of labor among our different organizations to get it done. I will share what the city government is doing to help the private sector create jobs and suggest ways that business leaders, workers, and educators can step up the plate to help develop our city's new economic direction.

  • A new ethical standard: To ensure citizens' confidence in the integrity of local government, I will soon issue an executive order detailing expectations for city employees -- and myself -- when it comes to ethics and transparency. While city employees are already living up to a high standard, it is time we laid out a citywide policy to ensure that decisions are made without even the appearance of undue influence or conflicts of interest.

  • A customer-service mentality: My administration will actively support city employees who remember why we are here and put citizens first. We will design measures to ensure departments have the tools and processes they need in order to track and resolve citizens' issues efficiently, culminating in the delivery, by the end of 2012, of a 311 line for non-emergency city issues.

  • Support for education: I plan to appear at the first South Bend Community School Corp. board of trustees meeting to address the leaders of our school system. I will personally express my interest, and the city's stake, in partnering with the school system to get the best results. I have been elected to deliver safety, jobs, and services, and none of this is possible without a strong educational system. I will commit to being an active supporter of the schools and offer some suggestions on how we can work together in the future.

  • An accessible government: Transparency starts at the top, so throughout 2012 I will conduct a series of "Mayor's Night Out" and "Mayor's Night In" events so citizens can meet me and my department heads directly to speak about concerns and ideas. The regular open houses we held at my campaign headquarters were highly valuable and these mayoral events are my way of making sure that my accessibility does not end with the campaign.

  • Empowering volunteers: The 2011 election brought about an inspiring level of involvement by South Bend citizens in campaigns on behalf of me, my competitors and city council candidates. We must ensure that this energy does not fade away with the end of campaign season. 

    My office will work to create new volunteer opportunities for citizens who want to campaign not just for a candidate but for the city itself.

    To deliver on these priorities, I have assembled a strong leadership team of department heads, which I look forward to introducing throughout the community. 

    With a mixture of new faces and experienced public servants, this team will work with departments and citizens to deliver the accountable, transparent, cost-effective, efficient government I envision going forward.

    It's going to be a great new year for our city, and I cannot wait to roll up my sleeves and get started.

Buttigieg preparing to take office


Mayor-elect promises to work with schools

By Kevin Allen, The South Bend Tribune

December 22, 2011

SOUTH BEND -- Mayor-elect Pete Buttigieg is still in the process of assembling his administration and refining his priorities as he prepares to take office in less than two weeks.

But he made it clear Wednesday that one of his first actions as mayor will be approaching the South Bend Community School Corp. and offering the school board a closer partnership with the city.

"You can't do everything all at once," he said, "so one of the most important decisions I need to make now is the sequence of what's going to come first, and what's going to have to wait a little bit, of all the things that I really want to do."

Buttigieg also talked about making sure the energy that volunteers brought to his election campaign is used in service to the city when he's mayor.

"It really takes citizens stepping up, taking ownership of the future of their city, and I'm very eager to be a mayor who unlocks that potential," he said. "(Our campaign) proved that there are a lot of people here who care about the city and will put the hours in to affect the future of the city."

Buttigieg will be sworn in Jan. 1 at the County-City Building. The ceremony, which begins at 5 p.m., will be open to the public.

Until then, he is working with a team of advisers from local businesses, nonprofit groups and government to aid his transition.

That committee is helping him implement his vision and recruit people to work for the city, starting with the mayor's staff and department heads.

The terms for current department heads appointed by Mayor Stephen Luecke will expire on New Year's Day, but they can reapply for positions in Buttigieg's administration.

Three of them, Public Works Director Gary Gilot and City Attorney Chuck Leone, have announced they're retiring at the end of the year, and Jeff Gibney told The Tribune recently he will resign as executive director of the Department of Community and Economic Development.

Join Pete's Swearing-In


Dear Friends, 

New Year's Day will be my first day in office as the next mayor of our great city of South Bend. I wanted to take a moment from our busy transition schedule to invite you to participate in the official swearing-in ceremony. 

I will take the oath of office with recently elected Common Council officials on January 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. on the main floor of the County-City Building downtown. 

The County-City Building is located at 227 W. Jefferson Blvd. and doors will open at 4:15 p.m. We ask that you bring a non-perishable food item with you to the event so we can help those in need in our community. After the ceremony, volunteers will provide light refreshments. 

Meanwhile, my team and I are hard at work every day to ensure that we hit the ground running, without skipping a beat when it comes to city services. I'm assembling a top-flight leadership team for the city, and also working on key strategic initiatives to announce in the coming weeks: preparations for an economic summit, a new ethical standard for our administration, a culture of customer service throughout city government, and creative partnerships to support our schools. 

These issues are vital to our community's success and I can't wait to work for you as your next mayor. It will take all of us working together to reach our goals for our city. Thank you, as always, for your support of my effort to bring a fresh start to South Bend. 

Hope you and your friends and family have a nice holiday season. 

Hope to see you on New Year's Day, 


Pete's Letter to City Employees


Dear City of South Bend employees:

I hope this note finds you well and that you are looking forward to some well-earned rest during the holidays. I have spoken with many of you during the campaign and since the election, but I want to take this opportunity to communicate directly with all of you as I prepare to take office.

First, I would like to thank you for all the work that you do for our community. Public service can be challenging, thankless, and even dangerous, but I hope that you draw satisfaction from the positive impact you can have on thousands of lives every day.

I also want to let you know how much I am looking forward to joining you as a city employee. I can't wait to get started working together, both to maintain the excellence you have already achieved in many areas, and to deliver the changes and improvements that citizens expect of us.

Let me also take this opportunity to update you on our transition activities. I will take office on January 1, together with a new mayoral senior staff and a team of department heads that will include both familiar faces and new leaders. Right now, I am in the process of assembling this leadership team.

Among city employees, I know that there is a great deal of interest in what changes to expect. As the new administration launches, I will be communicating my priorities and expectations in detail throughout the city's departments. I was elected to ensure that city government is efficient, transparent, and cost-effective, and I can't deliver on these expectations without you. I know you will join me in rising to the challenge.

For now, though, my focus is on building the senior leadership team. I want to be sure employees know that when it comes to personnel, I am concentrating on the mayor's office and the department-head level only. As that process unfolds, I am counting on you to continue your good work delivering the services that citizens expect and deserve.

Thank you again for all that you do, and I look forward to working with you in the New Year.


Pete Buttigieg
Mayor-Elect, City of South Bend

Buttigieg Unveils Transition Team


Transition Team


Mayor-elect Buttigieg Announces Transition Team

November 15, 2011

SOUTH BEND—Mayor-elect Pete Buttigieg announced today the formation of a seven-member Transition Team that will help implement his vision and guide the process leading to his January 1 swearing in.

“One week ago, South Bend decided that it wanted a fresh start in city government,” said Buttigieg, who met with the transition team at an office downtown. “Today, I begin delivering on that promise by convening a number of community voices to help me get input as we build the new administration.”

The seven-member group includes:

  • Brad Chamness, Business Representative for Sheet Metal Workers Local 20
  • Michelle Engel, Attorney and South Bend Community School Corporation Board Member
  • Gary Gilot, outgoing Director of Public Works with the City of South Bend
  • Tracy Graham, Managing Partner of Graham Allen Partners
  • Sheri Miller Story, Director of Public Policy, Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County
  • Mark Neal, head of KRS Financial and former VP and CFO of Press Ganey Associates, Inc.
  • Rebecca Ruvalcaba, Executive Director at La Casa de Amistad Youth and Community Center

Buttigieg also announced the creation of a transition website——where residents can learn more about the transition team, share ideas on city government and services, and also apply for positions with the City of South Bend.

The transition team will assist Buttigieg in recruiting qualified applicants to serve the City of South Bend, beginning with the mayor’s office staff and department heads. Existing department heads have been advised to re-apply if they would like to continue serving the City.